Now4real is a website engagement platform that allows visitors to connect and interact with each other in real-time. The platform adds group chats to live events, creating a sense of community among visitors. This allows visitors to take part in instant communities and interact via pagechats, which are chatrooms dedicated to specific web pages. By using Now4real, any website can become a virtual place where people can meet and connect, similar to how they would in the physical world.

One of the key benefits of using Now4real is that it can boost engagement on your website. By adding real-time group chats, visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site, with an increase of +90% time spent by visitors. Additionally, the platform can also increase conversion rates, with an increase of +20% people converting. This is because visitors are more likely to engage with each other and form connections, making them more likely to take action on your website.

Another benefit of using Now4real is that it can increase the number of return visits to your website. The platform creates a sense of community among visitors, making them more likely to come back to your site in the future. This can lead to a 3x increase in return visits, making it a valuable tool for website owners who want to increase their audience retention.

Overall, Now4real is a powerful platform that allows website owners to boost engagement, increase conversions, and increase return visits. By connecting visitors in real-time, the platform creates a sense of community and engagement that can lead to significant increases in website performance. Whether you're hosting a live event or just want to increase engagement on your website, Now4real is a valuable tool for any website owner.

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