Levellr is a platform designed for music artists, labels, creators, and brands to build and manage their fan communities. The platform allows users to create and grow fan communities on popular messaging platforms such as Discord and Telegram.

One of the key features of Levellr is the ability to gather powerful first-party data. This data includes information about the members of your community, such as their demographics and engagement levels. This data can be used to better understand your audience and tailor your content and marketing efforts to better meet their needs.

Another key feature of Levellr is the ability to create new revenue streams from your fan community. This can include things like selling merchandise, offering exclusive content, or even running crowdfunding campaigns. The platform provides tools and resources to help users monetize their communities and make the most of their fan base.

Levellr also offers a range of community management tools to help users keep their communities engaged and active. These tools include things like polls, quizzes, and games, as well as the ability to create custom roles and permissions for different members of the community.

Overall, Levellr is a powerful platform for music artists, labels, creators, and brands looking to build and manage thriving fan communities. The platform offers a range of tools and resources to help users gather powerful data, monetize their communities, and keep their fans engaged and active. Whether you're a musician looking to grow your fan base, or a brand looking to connect with your target audience, Levellr is an excellent choice.

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